Factory Tour

Since its inception in 1998, LDK Industrial's complete high-tech equipment has provided a solid foundation for the development of LDK. LDK is known for its ability to design and manage the manufacturing team's skills and experience in the FIBA competition.With a choice of mechanical plant and office space located within the various buildings scattered though the 50,000 square meters of lush parkland, and the scale of our factory has been growing.

Our factory tour not only reveals how LDK's high-quality sports equipment is manufactured, but also provides visitors with the opportunity to experience high-quality corporate life with men and women working at LDK every day. During the visit, you can witness the various stages of making basketball hoops – from steel framed basketball boards to complex final finishes, basketball rack packaging lines, test procedures, and on our state-of-the-art production equipment, you will see skilled technicians. How to work seamlessly with advanced machines.

The tour to the factory is free and open, but only for group visits, as the case may be. Come and visit LDK's factory, where your dream basketball stand is born, I believe it will bring you a new experience and inspiration!

Book a Factory Tour: To enquire and to book a guided factory tour please call +8615219504797 or contact us below and we will get back to you.