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Padbol-A New Fusion Soccer Sport



Padbol is a fusion sport created in La Plata, Argentina in 2008,[1] combining elements of football (soccer), tennis, volleyball, and squash.


It is currently played in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and Uruguay.




Padbol was created in 2008 by Gustavo Miguens in La Plata, Argentina. The first courts were built in 2011 in Argentina, in cities including Rojas, Punta Alta, and Buenos Aires. Then courts were added in Spain, Uruguay and Italy, and more recently in Portugal, Sweden, Mexico, Romania, and the United States. Australia, Bolivia, Iran, and France are the newest countries to adopt the sport.


In 2013 the first Padbol World Cup was held in La Plata. The champions were the Spanish pair, Ocaña and Palacios.


In 2014 the second World Cup was held in Alicante, Spain. The champions were the Spanish pair Ramón and Hernández. The third World Cup took place at Punta del Este, Uruguay, in 2016





The playing area is a walled court, 10m long and 6m wide. It is divided by a net, with a height of at most 1m at each end and between 90 and 100 cm in the center. The walls should be at least 2.5m high and of equal height. There must be at least one entrance to the court, which may or may not have a door.




Areas on the track

There are three zones : a Service Zone, Reception zone and Red Zone.


Service zone: The server must be within this zone while serving.

Reception zone: The area between the net and the service zone. Balls that land on the lines between the zones are considered to be inside this zone.

Red zone: The middle of the court, extending across its width, and 1m on each side of the net. It is colored red.



The ball shall have a uniform outer surface and shall be white or yellow. Its perimeter should be 670 mm, and it should be of polyurethane; it can weight from 380-400 grams.




Players: 4. Played in a doubles format.

Serves: Serve must be underhand. A second serve is allowed in the event a fault, as in tennis.

Score: Scoring method is the same as in tennis. Matches are best of three sets.

Ball: Like a football but smaller

Court: There are two styles of courts: indoor and outdoor

Walls: Walls or fences are part of the game. They should be constructed so that the ball bounces off of them.




Padbol World Cup




Match in World Cup 2014 – Argentina vs Spain

In March 2013 the first World Cup was held in La Plata, Argentina. Participants were sixteen couples from Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, and Spain. In the Final, Ocaña/Palacios won 6-1/6-1 against Saiz/Rodriguez.

The second Padbol World Cup was held in November 2014 in Alicante, Spain. 15 pairs participated from seven countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Sweden). Ramón/Hernández won the final 6-4/7-5 against Ocaña/Palacios.

The third edition was held in Punta del Este, Uruguay, in 2016.

In 2017, a European Cup was held in Constanța, Romania.

The 2019 World Cup also took place in Romania.





After years of development started in 2008, Padbol was officially launched in late 2010 in Argentina. Fusion of popular sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball and squash; this sport has rapidly gained support in different regions of the world in a vertiginous growth.


Padbol is a unique and fun sport. Its rules are simple, it is extremely dynamic, and and can be played by men and women of a wide age range in a fun and exciting way to practice a healthy sport.

Regardless of athletic level and experience, any person can play it and enjoy the many possibilities that this sport offers.

The ball bounces on the ground and lateral walls in many directions, which gives the game continuity and speed. The players may use all their body for execution, except hands and arms.





Sport without limit of age, weight, height, sex

Does not require special technical skills

Promotes a fun and a healthy lifestyle

Improve your physical condition

Improve the reflex and coordination

Promotes aerobic balance and weight loss

An intense exercise for the brain

Glass walls give a special dynamism to the game

International male / female competitions

Complementary to other sports, especially football

Ideal for relaxing, team building, competitions




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