News - What training is needed to become a professional basketball player

What training is needed to become a professional basketball player

The basketball superstars in the NBA are all capable of sprinting and bouncing with astonishing power. Judging from their muscles, jumping ability, and endurance, they all rely on long-term training. Otherwise, it would be impossible for anyone to start by running all four games on the field; So to become a good basketball player, not only does it require continuous hard work and training, but also a certain level of basketball talent.

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How to become a professional basketball player?

Becoming a professional basketball player is the dream of many basketball loving teenagers. Generally speaking, a professional team refers to a basketball team at or above the first level, or a professional player in the NBA. What conditions do you need to meet in order to achieve this dream?
1. Parental height advantage: Parental height advantage will be passed on to children. If you are a boy, your mother’s height is particularly important. If your mother’s height is between 170-175, and your father’s height is around 180, then the boy’s innate inheritance and postnatal training will give him the opportunity to play a professional team if his height exceeds 180. Nowadays, many children grow up to 185 at the age of 13 and have a great talent for basketball.
2. Personal physical fitness: Starting from the age of 3-5, you will be exposed to basketball, and starting systematic training at the age of 7-8. You also enjoy running, skipping rope, and touching high places without feeling bored or mechanical. If you don’t exercise, you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you have the preliminary conditions to become a professional athlete.
3. Love is the first element: play with the ball whenever you have nothing to do, explore where there is a court to shoot, play with dedication, intelligence, team spirit, not afraid of hardship, fatigue, and retreat, persistently training and playing with courage. Becoming a professional athlete is not something that can be achieved overnight. Many children just feel too tired and unable to persevere and give up.
4. System training: Around the age of 13-15 in junior high school, you can go to the sports bureau’s youth sports school in advance to inquire about what kind of Basketball talents they need. If your height, jumping, waist and abdominal strength, explosive power, etc. meet their requirements, youth sports school is a good way to advance to professional basketball players.
Or attending professional training while attending high school, the training center will recommend good candidates to professional teams. Now, the NBA has more open draft options, giving every child who wants to play basketball a chance to showcase themselves.
5. In college, especially sports universities, there are basketball leagues and many sponsored competitions every year, and players can also participate in basketball referee exams. If you enjoy basketball, have excellent height conditions, can train hard, have a sense of ambition, never give up, constantly improve your basketball skills and physical fitness, there will always be a broad path open for you.
Professional basketball players are one in a thousand, one in a thousand. The hardships behind professional basketball players cannot be described in words. If you participate in systematic training in a sports school and can persist for six months without giving up, let’s talk about your great dream of becoming a professional player. But dreams always come true, what if they come true?

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Professional basketball players are a group of very excellent athletes who need to undergo long periods of training and effort to reach their best state. The training process is very arduous and heavy, requiring a lot of effort and sweat.
The training of professional basketball players includes physical fitness training, technical training, and tactical training. Physical training is aimed at improving the physical fitness of athletes, including endurance, speed, strength, and flexibility. These trainings include running, skipping rope, weight training, etc., and the daily training time may reach several hours. These trainings not only require the physical fitness of athletes, but also their perseverance and endurance.
Technical training is aimed at improving the basketball skills of athletes, including shooting, passing, dribbling, etc. These trainings require athletes to repeatedly practice until their skills reach a proficient level. These trainings require patience and perseverance from athletes, as improving skills requires long-term accumulation and ractice.
Tactical training is aimed at improving the competitive level of athletes, including offensive and defensive tactics. These trainings require athletes to continuously simulate competition scenes, conduct tactical exercises and analysis. These trainings require the intelligence and thinking ability of athletes, as the tactics in the competition need to be adjusted and changed according to different situations.
In addition to training, professional basketball players also need to follow strict dietary and rest habits to maintain physical health and mental state. They need to control their diet, avoid high calorie and high-fat foods, in order to maintain weight and physical fitness. They also need to ensure sufficient sleep and rest time to restore their physical and mental state.
In short, the training of professional Basketball players is very arduous and demanding, requiring a lot of effort and sweat. They need to constantly improve their physical fitness, basketball skills, and game level in order to maintain their best form and improve their game results. Their training requires perseverance, patience, wisdom, and thinking ability, which is a very difficult task.

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