News - What basketball equipment does the NBA use for games

What basketball equipment does the NBA use for games

On April 8th Beijing time, in the NBA regular season, the Timberwolves defeated the Lakers with a score of 127-117. The Timberwolves returned to NO.1 in NBA Western Conference. The Lakers have returned to ninth in NBA Western Conference before today’s game. After losing today’s game, they are 0.5 games behind the Kings – eighth in NBA Western Conference, and 1.5 games ahead of the Warriors, tenth in NBA Western Conference.

James was absent due to illness in this game. In the first quarter of the game, Anthony Davis played the entire season and led the Lakers to 37 points in a single quarter, leading the Timberwolves by 4 points and ending the first quarter. However, due to being hit in the eye, Anthony Davis later withdrew early due to injury. In the second quarter, Naz Reid led the Timberwolves with 18 points in a single quarter and scored 46 points, overtaking the Lakers. At the end of the half, the Timberwolves were leading the Lakers by 15 points. In the third quarter, Jackson Hayes exploded, and the Lakers brought the difference back to only 10 points. In the final quarter, the Lakers worked hard to chase points, while while the Timberwolves stabilized the score. In the end, the Timberwolves defeated the Lakers with a score of 127-117.



As we know, international basketball tournaments are very intense. It not only requires excellent basketball players, but also a perfect court so that excellent athletes can fully unleash their abilities. So what does a perfect stadium include? FIBA standard basketball racks, basketball courts with wooden flooring, as well as timers and scoreboards.

Then what kind of basketball court can be FIBA basketball court?

Here is a introduction of LDK10000 FIBA basketball stand for reference:

1.LDK10000: FIBA Approved Electric Walk Basketball Hoop for competition




LDK10000 FIBA basketballAdvantage:

1.Electric Hydraulic system
2.Automatic Electric Walk system which can easy to move
3.All quality and size all have approved by FIBA.
Foldable: Easily electric Hydraulic fold
Padding: High grade durable FIBA standard thickness
Surface treatment: Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet, painting thickness:70~80um





2.LDK10015B: FIBA Dismountable High grade wood sports floor system

Composition::PE file/damp proofing membrane + Elastic shock absorption rubber mat/resilience pad + Keelson plate/sleeper- LVL WOOD + Ground anchor/steel latch + Rough board/load panel + Sound-absorbing nonwoven/soundproof layer + Solid wood composite panels/top floor
Thickness:72mm total
Surface:High grade durable multilayer painting
Material: Environmental, waterproof and wear resistance professional sports painting, imported from USA

Advantage:Dismountable type, can be rent out
Certificated:FIBA certificated





3.In basketball games, every minute and second can affect the score.

So the scoreboard is very important.LDK1304 Multi function Basketball Scoreboard for reference.
We have two size:1800x900mm and 1200x600mm
Input Voltage:AC110V-240V
Power Consumption :150W
Light-emitting Device:High visibility red, green, yellow LED
Operation Method:Cable or remote control
Words Size:we can customzied
Portable:Yes,can be movable
Support Frame:Aluminium or steel support
Surface Treatment:Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet.





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