News - The best gift for kids on Christmas day!

The best gift for kids on Christmas day!

The Christmas day is just upon us! Have you prepared all the gifts well?


How about a horizontal bar for kids? As we all know,it can strengthen the body’s metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, promote growth hormone secretion, and accelerate bone tissue growth, which is beneficial to the growth of the kids body.


Here are the LDK’s star horizontal bar: LDK5056,it’s popular from our customers.


This tpye of horizontal bar can be adjustable the height from 90~150cm,it’s the best suit for the kids.Also it has a heavy duty steel base,it’s very steady.


The painting is Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet, painting thickness: 70~80um,you can customize the color you like.


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    Post time: Dec-05-2019