News - “Making your Child’s world better”

“Making your Child’s world better”

As a company focusing on sports equipment and sports products, LDK has not only been committed to product quality and innovation, but also paid attention to the sports development of children around the world. In order to practice corporate social responsibility, we actively participate in charity projects every year to promote Popularization of global sports careers.

This year, our company, LDK, has once again demonstrated its deep concern for society, especially its keen concern for children’s sports. , we have donated a new multi-functional football and basketball rack to a school in the African country of Congo for free to improve the school’s sports facilities and provide students with a better training and competitive environment.

The cause of this charitable donation can be said to have started from a chance encounter. The orex academy school principal from Congo came to the Alibaba platform to browse our company’s products when he was looking for a suitable basketball stand. However, after receiving the offer, he fell into trouble. The school was short of funds and could not afford it. The principal sincerely reported this problem to us and shared photos of the school, from which we can see the old and dilapidated basketball court, adobe classrooms…



        This scene deeply deplored us and made us determined to never let the children in the school lose their love for sports in such an environment. Therefore, our company decided without hesitation to donate a pair of sports shoes to this school free of charge. Brand new Multi-functional football basketball integrated stand, this goal size is 3x2m, Material: 100 x 100 mm high grade steel pipe, using Durable SMC backboard, Durable SMC backboard We aim to improve the school’s sports facilities and provide students with A more suitable place for development and exercise.

        LDK company not only strictly controls product quality, but also fulfills the company’s social mission with practical actions and attaches great importance to social responsibility, not only. Every year, we donate a variety of products around the world to help areas in need

        LDK Basketball stands have always been favored by users around the world for their high quality and durability. Not only basketball stands, but other sports equipment as well. We are proud of this and realize that while we obtain economic benefits, we must also bear corresponding responsibilities. social responsibility. We have been committed to producing high-quality sports equipment and venue facilities, hoping that children and schools around the world can enjoy high-quality sports resources and make sports a part of life.











        The orex academy school principal and students of the Congolese school were very happy when they received this multifunctional football and basketball stand and expressed their gratitude to our company for its generosity. He said: “This gift will have a great impact on the students of our school. They will have the opportunity to participate in basketball and football sports. Thanks to the support of our LDK company, we will cherish this gift.”

        This donation is not only a help to this orex academy school in Congo, but also one of the manifestations of our company’s commitment to strengthening China-Africa friendly relations. It is also our company’s contribution to cooperation between friendly countries. We hope that through this small The basketball hoop will bring more sports opportunities to children in China and Africa, and at the same time enhance friendship and understanding between the two places. We will continue to work hard to integrate sports into more people’s lives and create more possibilities for children around the world.



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    Post time: Jan-17-2024