News - Li Yingying 15 points Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Poland 3-0 to end the three-game losing streak in the World League

Li Yingying 15 points Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Poland 3-0 to end the three-game losing streak in the World League

Netease Sports reported on June 30:

The competition for the third week of the 2022 World Women’s Volleyball League continues. In Sofia, Bulgaria, the Chinese team played against the Polish team and defeated their opponents 25-8, 25-23 and 25-20 in straight sets , with a total score of 3-0 to end the three-game losing streak. In this game, Li Yingying scored 15 points and Gong Xiangyu scored 11 points.

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The Chinese team has five wins and four losses in the first nine games of this World League. In the past three games, they lost 0-3, 1-3 and 2-3 to the United States, Japan and Brazil, and suffered a three-game losing streak. In the second game in Sofia, Bulgaria, the Chinese team’s opponent is the Polish team. The starting lineup of the Chinese team in this game is mainly to attack Li Yingying and Jin Ye, auxiliary attack Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan, to support Gong Xiangyu, setter Diao Linyu and free man Wang Weiyi. At the beginning of the first game, the Chinese team quickly opened up on the offensive end. Wang Yuanyuan made a short and quick hit, Li Yingying counterattacked successfully, and the Chinese team led 3-1. Gong Xiangyu lobbed the ball to score points and served straight. Li Yingying’s strong offensive breakthroughs succeeded in a row, and the Chinese team expanded their advantage to 9-3. The Polish team’s offense was ineffective after the timeout. Li Yingying landed on the last three counterattacks. Jin Ye smashed the ball at No. 4 to score points. Entering the mid-game stage, the Chinese team’s offensive continued unabated, Gong Xiangyu’s big-key attacker went out of bounds, Jin Ye scored a single block, Yuan Xinyue served straight, Diao Linyu blocked and scored, the Polish team’s attack went out of bounds, Jin Ye’s counterattack from No. 4 was successful again, the Chinese team Extend the difference to 20-4. At the end of the game, Jin Ye’s No. 4 hitter went out of bounds, and Wang Yuanyuan hit the fast ball in consecutive counterattacks, and the Chinese team easily won 25-8.


In the second game, the score of the two sides was tight. Gong Xiangyu, Wang Yuanyuan and Li Yingying scored points successively. Yuan Xinyue flew back and blocked the net successively. Jin Ye lobbed the ball on the fourth position. Gong Xiangyu’s No. 2 slash score chased to 9-9. The Polish team made a mistake in serving after scoring 2 points in a row. The Chinese team hit the net to send points, and fell behind 10-12 during the technical timeout. After Li Yingying made a strong attack, she blocked the net and scored points, and the Chinese team caught up to 12 levels. In the mid-game stage, the Chinese team had a fluctuating pass, but after 14-16, relying on Jin Ye’s smash and Gong Xiangyu’s block, coupled with the opponent’s offensive mistakes, they scored 3 points in a row and overtook 17-16. The Polish team chased the score after a timeout. After a 20 draw, Gong Xiangyu made a breakthrough in the second position, Li Yingying hit the counterattack in the fourth position, Yuan Xinyue flew back, and the Chinese team won the game point 24-21. The Polish team chased 2 points in a row. After Cai Bin suspended, the Chinese team succeeded in the breakthrough by Li Yingying, and they won 25-23.


In the first half of the third game, the scores of the two teams rose alternately. The Chinese team relied on Gong Xiangyu, Wang Yuanyuan and Li Yingying’s offense to maintain the balance. After 6 draws, they lost 2 points in a row and fell behind 6-8. Yuan Xinyue flies back to score, Diao Linyu hits the second ball, Gong Xiangyu breaks through at No. 2, Wang Yuanyuan blocks the net to score, Poland makes an attacking mistake, Jin Ye adjusts to score, and China overtakes 12-10 during a technical timeout. After the timeout, Wang Yuanyuan blocked the net to score, Gong Xiangyu counterattacked and broke through from the second position, and the Chinese team took a 14-10 lead and forced the opponent to pause again. Li Yingying blocked and scored, and the Chinese team expanded their advantage to 16-10. The Polish team caught up with 2 points and then served out of bounds. Li Yingying handled the ball successfully, Yuan Xinyue counterattacked and hit the back and the Chinese team led 21-14. The Poland team scored 4 points in a row to put pressure on the Chinese team. After the suspension, the Chinese team replaced Ding Xia. Jin Yes No. 4 attack went straight through the round. With Gong Xiangyu hitting the No. 2 position, the Chinese team sealed the victory 25-20.



In the end, the Chinese team won the Polish team with a total score of 3-0, ending the previous three-game losing streak. In the next game, the Chinese team will face Dominica.


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