News - How powerful are spinning bikes? A set of data tells you…

How powerful are spinning bikes? A set of data tells you…

How powerful are spinning bikes?

A set of data tells you…


The effect brought by 40 minutes of exercise is comparable to the calories consumed byrunning on a treadmill for an hour – 750 kcal. In addition to the small calories, thespinning bike also helps to shape the perfect lines of the hips and legs, and at the same time Also improves cardiorespiratory vitality.

So, how should we operate and control such a simple and powerful spinning bike?

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 1. Be familiar with the rules and know the frequency of practice 

If you want to exercise or lose weight, you must practice at least three times a week, and you must also divide it into 3 steps as follows

Step 1

Start with three sets of training, riding for 10 minutes and then resting, doing another 10 minutes and resting, then cycling for another 10 minutes, then resting.图片 19

Step 2

Then do two sets of training, exercise for 15 minutes, rest once, for a total of two sets.

 Step 3

It is also divided into two groups, but it is increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and the time of each training is increased by 5 minutes until a 45-minute ride is completed.

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In this way, when our body is exercising, we can increase the resistance and pedal frequency to increase the difficulty of riding.

2.Make a meal plan 

Before exercising, you can’t have an empty stomach. You must eat certain foods. If you don’t exercise for a long time, the metabolism of Xincheng will slow down, which is actually not conducive to weight loss. Before exercising, we can generally choose the following types of fruits and soy milk. , cereal, etc.

After training, in order to gain muscle or lose weight, we should not eat too many high-calorie foods at this time, but choose high-protein foods, such as eggs, skim milk, soy protein and so on.

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3.Correct posture for training

 The correct posture of riding is like a competitive bicycle. We first lean forward, then straighten both arms, tighten the abdominal muscles, and use abdominal breathing.


图片 37 图片 38



Don’t sway from side to side during riding, grasp the rhythm of riding well, and don’t always learn from others and mess up your own position.

It is best to do a 5-minute warm-up before starting it, and then take a two or three-minute rest and slowly increase some intensity, and ensure that you can exercise for more than half an hour every day.图片 41 图片 40

When pedaling, we should also pay attention to this correct posture. For example, when the forefoot is stepping down, the calf must use inertia to perform callback and contraction movements, and quickly send the calf forward when the lifting action is completed. .图片 45

This is a complete spinning cycle training process. Strict implementation can not only improve the overall training quality, but also save more physical strength.

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After seeing the role of spinning bikes, are you also moved?

Come and choose one of your favorite spinning bikes!

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