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How long should i run on the treadmill

This mainly depends on time and heart rate. Treadmill jogging belongs to aerobic training, with a general speed between 7 and 9 being the most suitable. Burn body sugar 20 minutes before running, and generally start burning fat 25 minutes later. Therefore, I personally believe that aerobic running should be persisted for 40 to 60 minutes, which is the most suitable time. Remember to stretch after jogging.
If it is during the muscle building period, it is best not to have oxygen for too long after anaerobic treatment, and it can last for up to 40 minutes, otherwise it will burn the muscles. I hope you can persist and achieve your goals as soon as possible by successfully reducing fat or gaining muscle.



It depends on the purpose of your running.

1. People with the goal of reducing fat

It takes at least 30 minutes of training on the Treadmill to achieve results.
Of course, it does not mean that it is completely ineffective within 30 minutes
Actually, from the first minute of running, fat is being consumed.
Only in the first 30 minutes, this consumption is negligible, and most of the energy is provided by glycogen rather than fat.
Therefore, running between 30 minutes and 1 hour is the most reasonable amount for weight loss.

2. Target population for healthcare

There are also many runners of this type.
Among them, there are people who train their cardiovascular function, those who prevent rebound after successful weight loss, and some middle-aged and elderly people.
This group of people does not require a large amount of fat consumption, so a 20 to 30 minute run is sufficient.

3. People who aim to warm up

Many strength trainers like to use running as a warm-up exercise.
It is recommended to run for 5 to 10 minutes.
Because the calories from running come from sugar in the early stages, and the energy for strength training is also provided by glycogen.
So running too much affects the performance of strength training, and a few minutes is enough.

The weather in summer is very hot, and even going out requires courage. So more and more people are choosing to go to the gym for exercise. As soon as they enter the gym, the treadmill is of course the most popular. Many people choose to run on a treadmill, but treadmills also have a lot of knowledge. If used improperly, it can also be easy to get injured. Here, the editor will tell you some things to pay attention to on a treadmill.
Firstly, regardless of the sport, warm-up is very, very important. We can first do stretching exercises to help our muscles adapt, and then walk three to five minutes to help our bodies adapt as well. If we don’t do warm-up exercises, it is easy to cause muscle strains, joint sprains, or other injuries, especially in cold weather. Therefore, warm-up exercises should not be taken lightly. After we warm up, we can walk on the treadmill for three to five minutes to let our heart and lungs adapt before starting running. When first getting on the treadmill, don’t set the speed too fast. You can start with “3″ and gradually increase it to “3.5″, then to “4″, gradually increasing the speed to give the body an adaptation process.
Generally, going to the gym is not just about running, but also about doing other equipment exercises. Exercising on the treadmill for too long can easily cause fatigue, and most importantly, it may increase joint wear. If it exceeds an hour, it can become a burden on the body. The treadmill also has a heart rate monitoring function, and many people may overlook its existence. There will be a metal plate on the armrest next to the treadmill. When your hands are held on the metal plate, the treadmill will record your heartbeat. The maximum heart rate for each person is 220- your age. If you want to achieve weight loss, the most effective way for aerobic exercise is to keep your heart rate between 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate. A treadmill can be used to monitor running heart rate and achieve fitness effects. Of course, this can only be helped occasionally.
The most important thing is not to keep holding onto the handle. The handrails of the treadmill are designed to help you get on and off the treadmill. Overreliance on the handrails can have a significant impact on cardiovascular function, making it very unnatural even when running outdoors. More importantly, holding onto the handrails of the treadmill with your hands will directly reduce your calorie consumption by 20%. Don’t just think that running on the Treadmill can help you lose weight, that’s a completely wrong understanding. Once you have such an understanding, you may be exhausted every day and still struggle to lose weight.

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