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Cycling vs treadmill for weight loss

Before discussing this issue, we must first understand the truth that the effectiveness of fitness (including exercise for weight loss) does not depend on a certain type of exercise equipment or equipment, but on the trainer himself. In addition, no kind of sports equipment or equipment can directly determine whether its effect is good or bad. To evaluate the quality of their sports effects, it must be combined with the trainer’s own situation to have practical significance.


Let’s first look at the energy consumption per unit time of the two.

Assuming that the trainer weighs 60kg, then the spinning bicycle can consume about 720 kcal for 1 hour, and the treadmill can consume about 240 kcal for 1 hour (no slope, speed 6.4 kilometers per hour). But if the slope is increased to 10%, the caloric consumption can be doubled. It seems that spinning bicycles consume more energy per unit time. However, in actual operation, spinning bicycles also have different exercise intensity, including the gear set during riding, which will affect the actual heat consumption. If you increase the speed and gradient when running, the caloric consumption will be quite high. For example, if you weigh 60kg, run at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour, and have a gradient of 10%, you will consume 720 kcal in one hour.
In other words, the exercise energy consumption per unit time of treadmills and spinning bikes is related to the weight of the trainer, exercise intensity, and the set difficulty level of the equipment. The above theoretical figures can be used as a reference, but they should not be made absolute. Draw conclusions about which equipment is better or worse for fitness. From a fitness perspective, whatever suits you is best. So what is right for you?

The difference between warming up and losing weight

warm up. Before starting each formal exercise, you need to warm up for about 10 minutes. Jogging on the treadmill or riding a bicycle are both good ways to warm up. All can achieve the purpose of activating the heart and lungs and putting the body into a state of exercise. So from a warm-up perspective, there’s not even a difference.
lose weight. If running or spinning is used as the formal training content of each exercise, in terms of weight loss effect, as mentioned earlier, the comparison of caloric consumption values is of little significance. Judging from the actual sports situation, generally when using a treadmill, the trainer runs on it. If the rider rides a Spinning bicycle, the effect of the treadmill is better. Because on the treadmill, due to the constant movement of the conveyor belt, runners are forced to keep up with the rhythm, and it is so convenient to talk to others (of course the intensity cannot be too low), so they are relatively focused. But friends who play spinning bikes by themselves, because they are riding on the bike, it is very convenient to play with mobile phones and chat. Moreover, when they are tired from riding, they will unconsciously lower the intensity (such as coasting), just like when they are tired when riding outdoors. , as if starting to slide.
In fact, in the gym, you can also go to the cycling room to participate in spinning classes (Spinning) led by instructors. These courses are generally divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The difficulty and intensity will vary. The course content is also led by the instructor. The course is specially designed by the instructor. During the entire training process, you can ride at the instructor’s pace, and the training quality is relatively guaranteed. The actual effect will be better than the first two situations. Therefore, from a practical perspective, the fitness effects in these three situations are as follows:
Spinning classes with instructors > Running on the Treadmill by yourself > Cycling on your own
If you go to the gym now and want to run or ride a spinning bike, you should know which one is more suitable, right?


Is it better to buy a treadmill or a spinning bike?

At this point, I encountered another classic question: If I plan to use it at home, is it better to buy a treadmill or a spinning bike? The answer is, neither is good (if your home has a dedicated room for fitness, that’s a different matter). the reason is simple:
Judging from the current living conditions of most Chinese urban residents, there is almost no room dedicated to a gym. Treadmills or spinning bikes are not considered “small guys” and will inevitably occupy a medium-sized room. place. It’s fresh at first and feels out of the way. As time goes by, it won’t be used very much (high probability). At that time, it would be a pity to throw it away, but it would be in the way if it is not thrown away. Eventually, the treadmill or exercise bike becomes nothing more than a clutter, collecting dust, piling items, hanging clothes, and rusting.
My suggestion is: you can buy a treadmill or a spinning bike. If you want to run or ride a bike, you can also go outdoors.

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