News - Complete Coverage: 2022 NBA Finals

Complete Coverage: 2022 NBA Finals

Despite Stephen Curry having a rare off-shooting night in Game 5, Andrew Wiggins  stepped up to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 104-94 win over the Boston Celtics to take a 3-2 series lead.

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As predicted by many people before, Curry did not continue his previous state in this game, but the rest of the Warriors (Wiggins and Poole) became the key players for the Warriors to win this game. Especially Poole’s 3-pointer late in the third quarter and his teamwork with Thompson in the fourth. These are confirming what many people said before G5: “Curry may not always have such a good feel, the performance of other players is the key to the Warriors winning G5.”

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Of course, as a sports equipment manufacturer, I am definitely not here to explain the game, I am here to introduce the basketball court.

A standard basketball court can be regarded as a complete basketball court except for a complete field and the necessary equipment on the court.


1. Ball basket

Including the rim and net, is the target of the pitch. The basket is made of solid iron bars and is round. A white bottomless net hangs under the circle.

The basket ring is made of a solid iron bar with a diameter of 2CM, with an inner diameter of 45CM and an orange color. High grade Φ18mm solid spring steel .It is fixed horizontally in the center of the horizontal width of the backboard.lectrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet.

The net is made of white rope and hangs on the hoop with a length of 40 cm. Its structure should allow the ball to pass through a little resistance and then fall down, so as to observe the situation of the ball in the basket

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2.The basketball hoop


Including the backboard and backboard pillars, erected in the center of both ends of the basketball court. There are hydraulic type, plug-in type, wall type, ceiling type.

Tempered glass basketball board with aluminium alloy frame and padding. 12mm FIBA standard thickness

Backboard pillars,base size depends on style,Material is high grade steel pipe 80X120X5mm and 60X120X5mm. Extension length is 3.35m.  

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3. 24-second timer

A device used to clarify 24 seconds and game time. Among them, the attack time is within 5 seconds, and the timer starts to count down, which can help players and referees choose more accurately. The start of the 24-second timer includes: a team regains possession of the ball; a throw-in, when a player touches the ball; and when possession is re-established after a missed free throw and a jump ball. Styles are, single-sided, three-sided, four-sided screen

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Summer is upon us,football is the most popular single sport in the world. The influence is not limited to the continental region, but also welcomed by fans in Asia, America, Australia and other placesnot limited to age groups.

So it’s definitely not a loss to start this activity.Today I will take you to learn the composition of a football field.

The football field consists of goals , artificial grass and field fence, of course, this is a venue for professional training, many parts of daily life is optional,like bench ,top net ,lamp pole and distribute cabinet.


4.Electronic scoreboard   

In the NBA game, the real-time score of the game will be displayed on the all-round large display screen above the center of the arena, including relevant game data, number of timeouts and other data.


I hope that in this hot and exciting summer, you don’t forget to exercise!



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