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Best home treadmill for walking

The most suitable home treadmill for walking depends on individual needs, but overall, mid-to-high-end home treadmills are more suitable.
1. Depends on user needs. If the user needs basic running functions, then a low-end Treadmill is enough;

2. If users want to be able to perform multiple sports such as walking, brisk walking, and running at the same time, then choosing a home mid-range treadmill can meet their needs;
3. If the user wants to have more advanced technological configurations, such as large-screen display, voice interaction, automatic tilt and other functions, then it will be better to choose a high-end home treadmill.

LDK china is a treadmill manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience and a professional team of treadmill design, R&D, production, pre-sales and after-sales to provide customers with 100% satisfactory high-quality treadmills! LDK treadmill products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa. With complete factory certification (NSCC, ISO series, OHSAS), first-class quality is guaranteed.


LDK walking machine flat treadmill

LDK ultra-thin walking machine flat treadmill

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many people want to lose weight at home. Of course, one of the purposes is to wear beautiful clothes. There are many ways to exercise at home. I choose to exercise at home by walking. On the one hand, it can achieve the effect of exercise, and on the other hand, it is relatively quiet and will not affect the neighbors.
This LDK walking machine armrest version is an upgraded product of the previous generation LDK walking machine. It adds a foldable armrest, and it is very convenient to store after folding. It can be folded and stored by one person, especially now that the weather is hot. , it is very convenient and fast to exercise brisk walking alone at home.
The packaging of the armrest version of the LDK walking machine is still very tight, and its load-bearing capacity can reach 110 kilograms, and its maximum speed can reach 6km per hour. Although it cannot run, it can be regarded as a fast walking speed.
After opening the package, the LDK walking machine armrest version looks like this when stored. It only covers an area of 0.8 square meters. It does not take up much space when stored in a corner.
There are switches and power interfaces on the top of the walking machine, and there are rollers on both sides for transportation. If you lift the back, you can use the rollers to move the walking machine. Girls can also carry it.


LDK Folding Walking Machine Electric Treadmill

LDK Folding Walking Machine Electric Treadmill

The armrest version of the LDK walking machine is open. The advantage of adding armrests is that your hands can hold the handles during exercise to prevent you from accidentally falling when walking quickly. Although the speed of 6km/h is not very fast, it is safe after all. First! With the handrail, there is still a guarantee.
There is also a screen on this armrest that can display a wealth of information, including exercise time, speed, calories burned, etc. The right side of the screen also supports NFC mobile phone quick login, which can be logged in and started with just a swipe of the phone. There is also a mobile phone holder above the screen, but this holder can only fix the mobile phone horizontally, not vertically, and cannot fix larger tablets, only mobile phones.
The walking platform of the LDK walking machine handrail version adopts a 7-layer structure, which is non-slip and wear-resistant. The high-performance brushless motor is also very quiet, making it very quiet when walking around the house.
The LDK walking machine armrest version supports access to the APP. After binding, you can view the walking machine information on your mobile phone. The bright LED dot matrix display can display real-time motion data. The touch buttons below can quickly operate to stop, stop, and run. Acceleration, deceleration and other functions.


LDK Incline Treadmill Interactive Walking Machine

LDK Incline Treadmill Interactive Walking Machine


Generally speaking, this LDK walking machine armrest version is very convenient for walking at home. Especially now that summer is here, everyone’s demand for exercise at home is gradually increasing. This walking machine product can be very good. It meets the needs of daily home exercise and is very convenient to store. However, this walking machine is subject to limitations from the beginning of the design. For example, the maximum speed is only 6 kilometers per hour. Boys like us may find it a bit slow and not enough to walk. Secondly, the design of the mobile phone holder, if it can be placed Just put the tablet down, so you can watch movies while exercising. The stand can only hold your phone, and I feel tired looking at the screen. If these can be further improved, I think this product will be even more perfect.

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