AAP issues guidance to ensure children exercise safely during COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase and the debate about returning to school continues to intensify, another question remains: What measures should be taken to protect children when they participate in sports?


The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued interim guidelines to instruct children on how to stay safe while exercising:

The guide emphasizes the many benefits that children will gain from sports, including better physical fitness, social interaction with peers, and development and growth. Current information about COVID-19 continues to show that children are less frequently infected than adults, and when they are sick, their course is usually mild. Participating in sports does pose a risk that children may infect family members or adults who are coaching the children. It is currently not recommended to test a child for COVID-19 before participating in sports unless the child has symptoms or is known to have been exposed to COVID-19.


Any volunteer, coach, official or spectator must wear a mask. Everyone should wear a mask when entering or leaving sports facilities. Athletes should wear masks when they are on the sidelines or during strenuous exercise. It is recommended not to use masks during strenuous exercise, swimming and other water activities, or activities where covering may obstruct eyesight or be caught by equipment (such as gymnastics).


Also,you can purchase some gymnastic equipment for kids to exercise at home. Kids gymnastics bars,gymnastic balance beam or parallel bars,practice at home to stay healthy.


If child athletes show signs of COVID-19, they must not participate in any practice or competition after the recommended isolation period. If the test result is positive, team officials and the local health department should be contacted to initiate any contact tracing agreement.



Post time: Aug-21-2020