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How numbers are distributed in soccer pitch

England is the birthplace of modern football, and the football tradition is well maintained. Now let’s take the standard numbers for each position of the 11 players on the English football field as an example to illustrate the standard numbers corresponding to each position on the football field:
Goalkeeper: No. 1;
Right back: No. 2; Center back: No. 5 and 6; Left back: No. 3;
Midfield: No. 4 and No. 8;
Front waist: No. 10;
Right winger: No. 7; Left winger: No. 11;
Center: No. 9.



The outstanding No. 7 stars are

The outstanding No. 7 stars are: Deschamps (France), Raul (Spain), Mazzola (Italy), "Heartthrob" Beckham (England), Litbarski (Germany)

The 11 players in football matches were assigned numbers 1-11 in early games, and each number was not randomly assigned, but represented a position on the field. These historical inheritances are more obvious in the national team.
Because the most classic formation in modern football is the 442 formation, it is easier to understand these numbers using the classic 442 formation!

Numbers are usually ordered from backcourt to frontcourt.

Position 1, goalkeeper, is usually the number one and starting goalkeeper of a team.
Positions 2, 3, 4, and 5 are the numbers of the four defenders, usually ordered from right to left according to position. 2.5 represents the right back and left back respectively, and 3.4 is the center back. But the allocation is related to seniority. For example, the most typical ones at No. 2 are Brazilian Cafu and later Maicon and Alves.
Maldini, who later switched to center back, was represented by Brazil's Lucio Roberto Carlos. The two actually became representatives of No. 3 in the national team.
The representative of No. 4 is Beckenbauer. His position is called a free agent and he prefers to be a defensive backbone. Many midfield leaders have worn the number 5, such as Zidane, but the number 5 position in football tactics is usually a defender. Central defenders usually wear jersey numbers 3 and 4. Position 4 used to be the deep-lying central defender and sweeper, but now it is the main central defender.
The four numbers in the midfield are respectively. Number 10 is the most star-studded number in the entire football world. Almost three generations of world-recognized football kings, Pele, Maradona, and Messi, are all in this position. Different Their formations have slightly different positions. Most of them are in the middle of the frontcourt, with the attacking midfielder or the shadow forward behind the striker. They have the functions of midfield dispatch, control, passing threatening balls and directly destroying the enemy.
No. 7 is also represented by superstars as a winger or winger. Cristiano Ronaldo is the winger representative, and Beckham and Figo lead the 442 wingers.
No. 8 is a traditional defensive midfielder, responsible for toughness, such as Dunga, such as Vieira, such as Keane.
No. 6 is usually one of the defensive midfielders, but his skills are better, responsible for long passes and forward penetration, such as Iniesta, Barrera, etc. Although they don't wear this number in the club.
The two forwards are usually No. 9 and No. 11. The well-known aliens Ronaldo, Van Basten, the ancient Gerd Muller, and the modern Ruud van Nistelrooy all play as a typical center forward at the No. 9 position. The famous Chilean forward Zamorano chose the magic number of 1+8 after giving up his number to Ronaldo in order to continue his "9" intelligence, which became a legend in football!
The star of No. 11 is relatively dim, but there are Romario and others in history. They are either wingers or second forwards, and they all play killer roles.

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If some friends’ favorite numbers or positions are not listed above, please check the table below for the numbers commonly used by current players.

1. No. 1: Main goalkeeper2. No. 2: Main right back, right midfielder
3. No. 3: Main left back, left midfielder
7. No. 7: Main right midfielder, right midfielder, right winger
4. No. 4: Main center back (right), midfielder
5. No. 5: Main center back (left), deep-lying center back (sweeper)
6. No. 6: Main left midfielder, left midfielder, left winger
10, No. 10: Main attacking midfielder, central midfielder, shadow forward, winger, center, captain
8. No. 8: Main central midfielder, shadow forward, winger, center, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, free agent
9, No. 9: Main center, Zhengyin forward
11, No. 11: Main shadow forward, winger, center, attacking midfielder (No. 12-23 are substitutes)
12, No. 12: Goalkeeper, etc.
13, No. 13: full-back, etc.
14, No. 14: Central defender, etc.
You can find your favorite location and select the number
Next time we play football together, I will know which position you play when I see your number.


LDK football goal size list

LDK football goal size list


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