UEFA Europa League – C Luo offered an assist Manchester United 1-0 Real Sociedad group second play-offs



In the early morning of November 4, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the 2022/2023 UEFA Cup Group E match, Real Sociedad faced the “Red Devils” Manchester United at home. After the first half, C Luo assisted 18-year-old Gana Joe to break through the goal, after which both teams did not have any success, Manchester United away 1-0 victory over Real Sociedad, but because of the goal difference in the second group, not directly out of the line will play the play-offs, Real Sociedad top of the group to advance to the knockout stage.
Manchester United 9 games unbeaten into a good state C Luo assists + 70 meters back to chase the heart of the fight for victory will not die


In the opening stage, Real Sociedad launched a high-pressure rush, only 30 seconds Real Sociedad attacked near the United penalty area, Martin left cross flew straight out of the bottom line. In the 5th minute Real Sociedad advanced in the middle, Merino passed directly behind Fernandes inserted into the box left-footed shot deflected. In the 8th minute United finally had a chance to attack near the Real Sociedad box, Luke Shaw picked the box, C Luo leaned on the back of the defender to take the ball was put down, the referee did not say anything.

In the 16th minute, the deadlock was broken, United backfield backwards De Gea long pass accurately found the right side of the B fee, the latter header to the middle, C Luo got the ball and launched a precise right foot direct, 18-year-old youngster Ganacho along the left side of the fast forward, got the ball into the box left foot stabbed. Ghanacho scored his first goal of the season to give Manchester United a 1-0 away lead.

In the 20th minute, Real Sociedad attacked from the left side of the field, Merino took the ball and shot from the middle, but the defender blocked the shot. In the 26th minute, Manchester United took the ball from the midfield, B fee got the ball in the middle of the field and sent a diagonal pass to the left side of the defense. In the 31st minute, Real Sociedad midfielder 19-year-old Martin attempted a long-range shot that was wide. In the 40th minute, Manchester United continuously poured the ball at the back of the field, Ghanacho’s heel knocked the ball in the middle of the field and was broken, Martin got the ball in the middle and hit the goal without threatening under the interference of Casemiro.

In the 41st minute Lisandro sent a long pass of more than 70 meters to the back of the field to play behind, C Luo high-speed forward forcing Real Sociedad center back Pacheco missed the clearance, C Luo single chance to face the attacking goalkeeper C Luo chose to pick a shot slightly high. In the 43rd minute, Real Sociedad attacked after a successful counter-robbery in front of the field, and the assisted Grosabel was blocked by De Gea in front of the box.

In the second half, in the 47th minute, Real Sociedad crossed the ball from the left side, and the header from the middle of the field was too high under the interference of Thurrott. In the 58th minute, Manchester United made an adjustment and replaced Rashford with Van Der Beek, who was mediocre in the attacking end. Fernandes’ header went over the goal.

In the 70th minute, Real Sociedad threw the ball to the box from the left side of the field, and Fernandes shot high from inside the box after the header was swung back. In the 76th minute, Rashford was cut off in the middle of the field and Thurrott advanced with the ball and shot high. In the 79th minute, Thurrott shot low and wide from the box line.

After that, Manchester United kept hanging the ball towards Real Sociedad’s box, but never could grab a header. The whole match ended with Manchester United beating Real Sociedad 1-0 away from home, but because of the goal difference ranked second in the group, they will not be directly out of the group and will play a two-round playoff with the third group of the Champions League.


Lineups of both sides

Manchester United (4-2-3-1): 1-De Gea/20-Dalot, 2-Lindelof (58 mins 39-McTominay), 6-Lisandro, 23-Luxhau/14-Eriksen (81 mins 17-Fred), 18-Casemiro/34-Van Der Beek (58 mins 10-Rashford), 8-B fee, 49-Ganacho (81 mins 5-Maguire ) / 7-Cro

Real Sociedad (4-4-2): 1-Remiro/18-Grosabel (58 min. 6-Erustrado), 24-Lenormand, 20-Pacheco, 15-Diogo Rico/3-Zubimendy, 8-Merino, 23-Bryce Mendes (81 min. 5-Suverdia), 42-Martin (58 min. 17-Navarro) / 19-Serote, 9- Carlos Fernandez (71 min 16-Guevara)



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