The “bizarre” incident in college, the strong wind knocked down the basketball hoop

This is a true story. Many people don’t believe it, even I feel incredible.

This university is located in the plains of the central provinces, where the climate is relatively dry and rain is particularly low. Typhoons can hardly blow, and extreme weather such as strong winds and hail are rarely seen. But somehow, the wind was so big that it was too big to play basketball on the basketball court. This is the end of the second semester, which means that a large number of students have to go out for internships or graduate. Saying goodbye to lovers in the campus, I started to have more images.

Perhaps the artificial lake, the flower bed, and the playground are overcrowded. Perhaps the basketball court is in the air, and the basketball court is empty at this time. A couple walked over. I’m going for an internship soon, and it will be difficult to get along day and night anymore. The time we spend together seems so precious every minute. No matter how strong the wind is, it will not affect the love between two people. At the moment of love, what is the strong wind?

The wind was blowing harder and harder, and the couple didn’t seem to feel, they were completely immersed in the “two-person world”. The unthinkable happened. The floor under the basketball hoop began to crack, and the two people still didn’t notice. After dozens of seconds, the basketball hoop collapsed instantly, hitting the girl, and died instantly.

It was only afterwards that the girl had always been doing well in school. This time she was dating her boyfriend on the basketball court and she secretly “skipped class” and ran out. There was no previous “skip class” experience. The teacher in that class was also caught by the school. Sanctioned. The dozens of basketball hoops on the basketball court remained motionless. Only the basketball hoop near the side where they were dating collapsed. And when the basketball court was built before, the basketball hoop was installed at the same time.

What kind of strong wind can knock the basketball hoop down, and the basketball hoop is fixed on the ground, it is impossible to collapse instantly within a few seconds. Only after the floor cracks will it collapse. With such a big movement as the floor cracks, two people can’t hear any movement. A hurricane that can knock down a basketball hoop, didn’t both of them feel at all? There has never been “skip”, and after this one time, there will be no chance to “skip” again.

The collapsed basketball hoop was quickly reinstalled, but since then, except for the new students, it is rarely seen under the basketball hoop.


Post time: Jan-11-2021