Popular Mini Pitch —Why it is so hot now?

In recent years, the country has been vigorously promoting the national fitness campaign, in which football is an important part, but many cities seldom have large space to build football stadiums. Even if there are stadiums, in today’s cities with more and more cars and more tall buildings, it is a trouble to kick a ball. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will kick something bad.

At this time, “cage football” has become the first choice for many cities to build football stadiums. The so-called “cage football” originated in the Netherlands in the 1980s. It is a brand-new, fashionable and dynamic way of competition. The competition venues are closed cages with no boundaries. It has more stimulating senses. It truly shows the personal charm of technical football. It can use super-cool and super-cool games.


Nowadays, cage football is very popular in Brazil, Britain, France, the Netherlands and other football developed countries. It is also becoming more and more popular in China. Some students and middle-aged people join the team. These cage football venues are not only built on the vacant ground, but also on the top of the shopping mall, or on the top of the commercial building, appearing under every unexpected sky.




The enthusiasm of cage football can be said to be “hesitating” in the rapid growth, so what charm of cage football in the end is attracting us?








“Cage football” game venue inherits the characteristics of cage football field with baffles and iron nets around or on the top. Players can use the rebound of baffles or iron nets as “walls”.




In the game, there are many chances to use the top and side of the cage to rebound and shoot, which fully mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the players.

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No violence

Influenced by the area and space of the field, the speed of attack and defense conversion in cage football match is very fast, and tackle can easily cause physical injury to offensive players.

Therefore, in the cage football match, the penalty for tackle is very strict. It is forbidden to take the players to tackle defense in the match, and it is also a foul for the action of tackle blocking the shot slightly or too close.

Therefore, in a harmonious environment, you can enjoy happy football.

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More cool

Because of the small space, personal skills and basic skills such as emergency stop, fake shooting, cowtail, cycling, Marseilles swing, passing the ball, crossing the crotch, pulling the ball and so on are more important.

In matches, because the opponents are close to each other, players often use this kind of fancy dribbling action, or even all kinds of impromptu performances, the scene changes rapidly, more free, casual and unrestrained.

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More energetic and refreshing

Because of the small venue, the intensity and intensity of cage football match is much higher than that of traditional football. Every player is doing sprint and recovery frequently. Generally, all the players must sweat heavily after 5-10 minutes, but I believe it will be worthwhile.

In addition, with the advantage of narrow space and no boundary, there are many chances of shooting in cage football match. Through various kinds of volleys, supplementary shots and smart shots, the chances of performing hat tricks are greatly increased.

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Climate advantage

If cage stadium is built indoors, the stadium will not be used because of the weather. The utilization rate of cage stadium will be higher than that of outdoor stadium. Even in rainy season, operators can operate normally, the stadium can open normally, and it can become a good place for football fans in rainy weather.

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Basic advantages


Because there is no drainage and a variety of construction requirements, there is no need to re-lay the foundation, only simple laying of artificial grass can be used, for operators and builders, the cost of infrastructure construction is greatly reduced.

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Location advantage


Because the basic requirement is not high, the site selection can be built in some unused land, plant renovation, building roof and shopping mall interior, which can greatly save the rent of the site, or choose a commercial district with high traffic, which has good advertising effect, so the site selection is very flexible.

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Flexible mode


Because the basic requirement is not high, the site selection can be built in some unused land, plant renovation and the roof of the building, which can greatly save the rent of the site, or choose the commercial area with high traffic, which has good advertising effect, so the site selection is very flexible.

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