Messi : I miss the days in Qatar very much, it was a perfect month





After Messi won the World Cup, he gave an interview for the first time.

Speaking about the one in Qatar, Messi said: “It was an incredible month for me and my family. Thiago was fascinated, I saw how he enjoyed, how he felt, and how he suffer…
Because after the game against Holland, he cried. Mateo did the math right after we lost to Saudi Arabia. Ciro is the one who knows the least, the other two are like crazy fans. When we got back to Paris we still missed our time in Qatar, we had a great time and it was a perfect month.



Messi gave an interview to Argentine radio station Urbana Play for the first time since his World Cup victory.
Messi’s first sentence in the interview was: “From that day on, everything changed. For me and for everyone, this is something that impressed us. The dream we dreamed of came true. This is my whole life. Something you’ve wanted so badly in your career, well, almost at the last minute.
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