Installation method of underground fixed basketball stand ?

The inground fixed basketball hoop is a kind of basketball hoop widely used outdoors. It is to bury a part of the basketball hoop in the ground to realize the fixation and realize the application of the basketball hoop.Inground fixed basketball hoops are very extensive, and many outdoor fitness equipment use this kind of inground basketball hoop.


This kind of basketball hoop is strong and stable, and it is not easy to show problems. The device is also very convenient. Of course, professionals need to install it. The price of the buried basketball hoop is roughly in the thousands of yuan.

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The selection of the underground fixed basketball hoop device: The fixed basketball hoop has a wingspan of 1600mm, 1800mm, 2250mm and other common specifications, and the position of the basketball hoop is fixed according to the basketball competition rules.

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For example, if the wingspan of a basketball stand is 1600mm, then the fixed point of the basketball stand is 1600-1200-50mm=350mm outside the end line, that is, 350mm outside the end line is the fixed core point of the basketball stand.

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Embedded fixed basketball hoop: The size of the embedded hole of the basketball hoop is determined based on the embedded part of the basketball hoop. The embedded part of the individual basketball hoop is a 35*35*40cm iron frame, so the size of the embedded hole is the largest For a square hole of 50*50*50cm, the basketball hoop can be fully stressed.


Inground fixed basketball hoop device: The basketball hoop device must be installed after the embedded parts are completely dry and solid, and the individual time is 3-5 days. The basketball hoop must be fixed during installation. Since the installed ground does not have to be flat, it can cause the basketball hoop to tilt. Therefore, use a degree ruler to test the degree of the basketball hoop to ensure the balance of the basketball hoop.

Post time: Aug-14-2020