Inflatable Air Mat—Ensure your training safe and comfortable

Inflatable Air Mat—Ensure your training safe and comfortable

More and more activities are gradually inseparable from the mat. Generally, there are only yoga mats and sponge mats. However, these two kinds of mats are gradually replaced by multi-functional inflatable gymnastics mats.

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The yoga mat is too thin and can only be used for one activity of yoga. The sponge mat has a low density and can only be used for the protection of unstable protective mats.

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However, the inflatable gymnastics mat is made of brushed fabric imported from South Korea, with a minimum thickness of 10cm to 20cm, with various colors, strong protection, high air density, safety and stability, softness and comfort, and a wide range of activities.

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Suitable for gymnastics, taekwondo, somersaults, yoga, martial arts, dancing, water drifting and other activities, easy to carry, full-featured, worth having! Can be customized according to your needs.

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The inflatable gymnastics mat has a variety of sports functions, and plays a protective role during exercise. The mat is safe, easy to carry, durable, anti-aging, anti-static and other benefits.

How to use the Gymnastics Air Mat

1. Unfold the air mat on a flat area(like floor, backyard, water or beach), make sure there are no sharp objects to damage it.

2. Inflate the mat by the electric pump for 1-2 minute. Ready to use.

3. Deflate and fold, make it flat and tidy. Pack and store at dry place.

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1. Due to the air mats are folded for transportation and storage, its normal if there are some creases. Keep full inflated for a while can return it to original flatness.

2. Use the kit (included in package) and super glue to repair if the damage less than 0.3 feet.

Post time: Apr-15-2022