News - Happy Halloween!LDK’s new products arrival!What’s your No.1 pick?

Happy Halloween!LDK’s new products arrival!What’s your No.1 pick?

The First is Adjustable Indoor Gymnastics Equipment Parallel Bars for Competition



This parallel bars is used for the athletes’ traing or international standard competition,the height and width both can be adjusted. The cross bar’s length is 3.5m,it’s imported bar which made of  high strength wood and steel cable.

Second one is Top Grade Gymnastics Equipment Fiberglass Kids Parallel Bars for Sale



This one kind is a little smaller than the first.Height and Width also are adjustable,from 1.25~16.65m and 0.27~0.55m.The material is fiberglass with veneer coated.

Third one is Gymnastics Training Equipment Parallel Bars Protection Bench for Sale


It’s a good partner for the parallel bars.It can protect new beginner of gymnastic training or exercising.The bench size is 244*25cm,the distance between bench and post can be adjusted from 0.27~0.55m.

The Forth is China Supplier Professional Gymnastic Equipment Horizontal Bar for Match



Professional and great quality can be an important point to support athletes’ performance. I’m sure this one is your better choice of horizontal bar.

And here comes the Last one ,Top Grade Indoor Gymnastic Equipment Long Tumbling Trampoline for Competition


This trampoline’s size is 910 x 305 x115 cm with protection mat around,it has 118pcs springs,the elasticity is great.

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    Post time: Nov-01-2019