Fitness during the epidemic, people expect outdoor fitness equipment to be “healthy”

People’s Park in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province reopened, and the fitness equipment area welcomed many fitness people. Some people wear gloves to exercise while others carry disinfectant sprays or wipes with them to disinfect the equipment before exercising.

“Before fitness was not like this. Now, although the situation of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control has improved, I still can’t take it lightly. Disinfect the poison before using fitness equipment. Don’t worry about yourself and others.” Xu, who lives in Unity Community, Canal District, Cangzhou City The lady said that disinfection wipes are a must for her to go out to exercise.

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many parks in Hebei Province were closed to prevent crowds from gathering. Recently, as many parks have opened one after another, the quiet fitness equipment has begun to lively again. The difference is that many people pay attention to their “health condition” when using fitness equipment.

In order to ensure that people can use fitness equipment safely after the park is opened, many parks in Hebei Province have strengthened the cleaning and disinfection of fitness equipment and listed them as a necessary condition for the opening of the park.

During the epidemic, apart from football fields and basketball courts, some areas of the sports park in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, including fitness equipment areas, have been open. Xie Zhitang, deputy director of the Shijiazhuang Sports Park Management Office, said: “Before the outbreak, we had to clean the fitness equipment once a day. Now, in addition to cleaning the equipment, the staff also have to do it at least twice a day in the morning and afternoon. To ensure the safe use of fitness equipment.”

According to reports, as the weather gets warmer and the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the average daily flow of people in the park has increased from a hundred before to more than 3,000 now, and the fitness equipment area welcomes more fitness people. In addition to measuring the body temperature of fitness people and requiring that they wear masks, the park also arranges security guards to monitor the flow of people in the fitness area, and evacuate in time when people are crowded.

In addition to parks, there are many outdoor fitness equipment in the community today. Is the “health” of these fitness equipment guaranteed?

Mr. Zhao, who lives in Boya Shengshi Community, Chang’an District, Shijiazhuang, said that although property personnel in some communities also disinfect public areas, they are responsible for the disinfection of elevators and corridors, and record them. Whether the fitness equipment is disinfected and when Issues such as disinfection and whether it is in place have not received enough attention, and the health of the users is basically unsupervised.

“In the community, the elderly and children use fitness equipment to exercise. Their resistance is relatively weak. The problem of killing fitness equipment should not be careless.” He said with some worry.

“The safety of fitness equipment is related to the personal safety of the masses. It is very necessary to put on’protective clothing’ for fitness equipment.” Ma Jian, a professor at the School of Physical Education of Hebei Normal University, said that whether it is a park or a community, relevant responsible units should establish normative science. The system of disinfection and cleaning of public fitness equipment, and supervision of the use of people, to tie up the epidemic prevention and control network more densely and firmly. Fitness people should also enhance their awareness of prevention and try their best to clean and protect themselves before and after using public fitness equipment.

“The epidemic has given us a reminder: even after the epidemic is over, both managers and users should consciously strengthen the management and cleaning of public fitness equipment to ensure that they can serve the masses in a more’healthy’ way.” Ma Jian said.

Post time: Jan-13-2021