News - Champions of the Europa League|Brother Shuai: It is an honor to be able to stand side by side with Feige

Champions of the Europa League|Brother Shuai: It is an honor to be able to stand side by side with Feige

In the battle at the pinnacle of the UEFA Europa League final, “Blue Moon” Manchester City relied on midfielder Rodicas Jandi to win the country in the second half and beat Inter Milan 1-0. After Manchester United in 1999, they became another team that won the Triple Crown The England club has both fame and fortune. It is estimated that the total bonus income of this year will be as high as 280 million pounds (2.76 billion Hong Kong dollars). Coach Diona became the first coach in history to lead two teams to the Triple Crown.

The coach Diona, who led Manchester City to win the first Europa League championship in history with an undefeated record, also became the first coach in European history to lead different teams (Barcelona in 2009), becoming the “Triple Crown”, that is, winning the league, The three main domestic cups and the Europa League championship. He said after the game that he received a text message from the legendary Manchester United team leader Ferguson before the game, and said: “It is a great honor to stand side by side with Sir Ferguson (also leading to win the Triple Crown). I received it the morning before the game. I was very moved by his message, it was really great.”

The 52-year-old Spanish coach has led the team to 12 important championships since joining “Blue Moon” in 2016. This year’s Europa League remained unbeaten in 13 games and finally won the most important Europa League trophy. He continued: “Tired, calm and satisfied. This is very difficult to win. Inter Milan performed well. I told the players at halftime to be patient. This game is like a toss. You need luck.” Godiona said Manchester City on Monday There will be a victory parade.



Dibney set for £1m Europa League bonus


According to estimates from British newspapers before the game, Blue Moon’s winner of the UEFA Europa League will receive £95 million in bonuses, plus winning the Premier League and the FA Cup, they will earn £180 million and £3.9 million respectively. This season’s total revenue will reach £280 million It is reported that the Belgian general Kiyun Dibney, who was injured in the first half of this game, will receive a bonus of 1 million pounds for winning the Europa League.



Charant scored 12 goals and won the Europa League marksman for the second time


Aynin Charant, who scored 52 goals when he joined Manchester City this season, said that it is a dream come true for the club to win the triple crown; the Norwegian scored 12 goals this year, after scoring 10 goals for Dortmund in the previous term , won the UEFA Europa League marksman for the second time; and after Shufuzhengao (Dynamo Kiev and AC Milan) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United and Real Madrid), the third place in history is two different clubs A great player to win this honor. After the game, he flashed with his 19-year-old girlfriend Isabel (Isabel) on the court, which was very eye-catching.



Lukaku’s “black air” did not get rid of Enshaki: only a few losses

In contrast, Inter Milan’s Arrow Lukaku, who played as a backup in this game, has mis-blocked his teammate Federico Di Marco’s header and a header at the end of the goal. The team was unable to equalize and entered overtime. However, the 47-year-old coach Shimonien Sharkey was still full of positive energy after the game. He said: “I salute the players. They performed extremely well. We only lost a few. This is our fifth final in 20 months. .” He vowed to make a comeback next season, hoping to reach the final again.


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