6-0, 3-0! Chinese women’s football team makes history: Gemini conquers Europe, Shui Qingxia is expected to enter the Olympics

Recently, great news has come one after another for Chinese women’s football overseas. In the first round of the England Women’s League Cup group match on the 12th, Zhang Linyan’s Tottenham Women’s Football Team beat Reading Women’s Football Team 6-0 at home; on the 15th, the Spurs Women’s Football Team In the 10th round of the Super League, Chinese teenager Shen Menglu’s Celtic Women’s Football Team defeated the Partick Women’s Football Team 3-0 in an away game.


When it comes to women’s football studying abroad, there is a pair of twin stars who are really dazzling right now, that is, the Chinese teenager Zhang Linyan who plays for the Tottenham Women’s Football Team in the Premier League and the Chinese teenager Shen Menglu who plays for the Celtic Women’s Football Team in the Scottish Premier League.