2023 Women’s Basketball Asian Cup: The Chinese women’s basketball team 73-71 the Japanese team, reaching the top of Asia again after 12 years

On July 2, Beijing time, in the final of the 2023 Women’s Basketball Asian Cup, the Chinese women’s basketball team relied on the dual-core leadership of Li Meng and Han Xu, as well as the wonderful performances of many rookies, in the absence of many main players. 73-71 defeated the Japanese women’s basketball team that had dominated the Asian women’s basketball team for 12 years, and reached the top of Asia again after 12 years.图片1

In the final of the 2023 Women’s Basketball Asian Cup, after a thrilling and ups and downs game, the Chinese women’s basketball team finally defeated the Japanese women’s basketball team 73-71, ending the opponent’s five consecutive Asian Cup championships. back to Asia.


Yang Liwei, the main player of the Chinese team, tore his left collateral ligament in the semi-final match against Australia, which once again cast a shadow over the prospects of the Chinese team. Even so, the Chinese team still has no stage fright, and there are always people who can stand up at critical moments. **Han Xu, Li Meng, Jin Weina, Li Yuan and Wang Siyu showed the tenacious fighting spirit of the Chinese women’s basketball team. And Han Xu once again surrendered a double-double of 26 points and 10 rebounds in this game, which is the biggest contributor to the Chinese team’s championship.


After the start of the game, the Chinese team relied on a high pass, and the young player Jin Weina took the lead and blew the horn of attack. In the first half of the first half, the two sides played very cautiously, and the score kept rising alternately. When the score came to 17, Han Xu, the star of the Chinese team, broke out suddenly and scored 7 points in a row to help the Chinese team widen the gap.


The second quarter started at 3 minutes and 37 seconds. When the Chinese team led 26-19, Han Xu and Li Meng went off to rest. From then on, the Chinese team began to fall into a disadvantage, and did not score in the first half. The Japanese team seized the opportunity that the two core players of the Chinese team were not present, scored 16 points in a row, and overtook the score to 26-35.


In the first half, the Chinese team made 10 turnovers, and the opponent had only 5 turnovers.


In such a passive situation in the final, the Chinese women’s basketball team united as one and regrouped in the second half. Although Yang Liwei was unable to play, the back line Li Yuan and Wang Siyu withstood the pressure. Li Yuan gave Han Xu enough support from the outside, and Wang Siyu stood up at critical moments many times.


In this way, the Chinese women’s basketball team will challenge the Japanese team, the defending champion of the Women’s Basketball Asian Cup in the final. The latter defeated New Zealand 88-52 in another semi-final today.


Two years ago, the Japanese women’s basketball team defeated the Chinese women’s basketball team in the final to achieve five consecutive Asian Cup championships. This time, we will wait and see whether the Chinese women’s basketball team, which has already become the runner-up of the World Cup, can avenge its shame and reach the top of Asia again after 12 years.


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